Product Description

Suitable for Oily & Acne Skin

3 Step Home Peeling Program for use at home

Can also be used as a 3-week treatment for best results!

STEP 1 BHA Peeling Liquid
The lipophilic BHA salicylic acid does not only have a peeling effect on the skin surface, but also in the deeper skin layers. It liquefies the sebum so it can drain off more easily and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

STEP 2 Calming Mask
A high-quality sheet mask, impregnated with active ingredients, moisturizes the skin and has a revitalizing effect. The tear-resistant mask adapts perfectly to the shape of the face and leaves a soft, velvety feel on the skin.
It is well tolerated in the area around the eyes.

STEP 3 Skin Refining Serum
The fast-absorbing serum counterbalances the loss of moisture in the skin
and is especially suitable for sensitive skin

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