Alginate Soft Mask

Product Description

France Alginate Mask
Salon size packing (1kg)

Alginate Lightening Masque (peel off)

-UV Sunscreen effect.
-Anti-inflammatory properties.
-Prohibit melanin production content.

Alginate Purifying Masque (peel off)

-Extracts from Algae, helps to reduce wrinkles, heal skin and an anti-oxidant.
-An anti-inflammatory.

Alginate collagen Hydrating Masque (peel off)

-Hydrolyzing collagen leaves a significant level of hydroxyproline, a modified amino acid that functions as a water binding.

Alginate Oxygen Masque (peel off)

-This unique, synergistic oxygen soft mask revitalizes dull. congested skin and helps tighten pores and improve
the appearace of fine lines and wrinkles.

Alginate Mineral Mask Masque (peel off)

-Creates a natural glow and healthy radiance.
-Hydrates and softens, balance the sebum.