Product Description

Mature Skin, Pigmentation

ASA PeelFace Treatment

The ASA PEEL FACE TREATMENT has been developed for exclusive professional use, containing an optimal ingredients combination with high dosage fruit acids for the intensive treatment. Suitable for most of the skin types as well as deep pigmentation skin. Particularly efficient is the combination of the ASA treatment method and home care products.


Retail Products

ASA Peel Serum

Supports the skin's regeneration program. By using fruit, lactic, glycolic, malic and tartaric acids, give gently peeled off on the upper layer of the skin.
As a result, the skin surface structure is refined. The appearance of tired, gray, dull, rough, thick, large-pored, wrinkled, blemished, skin with brown spots is improved. A new delicate, rosy, fresh, radiant and smooth skin is revealed.

ASA Peel Cream

With high-tech ingredient components take effect at the problem zones. Help in accelerate the impulse of the rejuvenating cell division, lighten pigmentation and increase the moisture depot. The skin increases its elasticity through the supply of energy to the elastin and collagen network. This softens lines, wrinkles and unevenness.

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