Product Description


Suitable for oily, acne skin

Deep cleanses and restores for skins prone to comedons with dilated pores. Cleansing and gentle scrub prepare the skin to black head removing. Antibacterial ingredients found in the Serum Anti-Comedons (Copper) neutralize bacterial activity. A tailored facial massage performed with a balancing serum and the application of a mask will facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients. The treatment ends on the application of a cream on the whole face, neck and decollete to nourish your skin.


Professional Product


Exfoliating Scrub

Natur'peel eliminates dead cells, blackheads and comedone skin texture is refined, complexion is more radiant, and skin is ready for further active ingredients.


Retail Products

Serum C17

Balancing Serum

This night care treatment regulates the sebum and purifies the skin. Thanks to its astringent action, Serum C17 refines the skin texture. The skin is soft and silky.

Cream C17

Balancing Cream

Purifies skin, imperfections are gently erased and pores are tightened for a shine-free complexion.


Antiseptic Serum

Purifies and cleanses skin subject to imperfections. By stimulating the epidermis, Naturoderm offers a protective action.

Available 15ml & 30ml

Masque Revelateur

Purifying Mask

Purifying and balancing, this mask reinforces the penetration of Serum C17.


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