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Turinabol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is very common among practicing athletes. Form release — pills, which is very convenient and does not cause discomfort during administration. The steroid profile of this drug is as follows:

Androgenic substitution — 50%;
The negative impact on the pituitary gland is minimal, on the hypothalamus and testicles — just above;
Severely affected liver (if you overdose, and delaying the reception);
The effect of the drug can last up to 20 hours;
During the year, the presence of steroids in the blood can be detected when checking the athlete for doping.

Turinabol promotes the fastest set of muscle mass of the athlete due to the production turinabol for sale of the necessary hormones.
The negative consequences of taking are unlikely, compared with the use of the same testosterone in its pure form.
A very effective tool for athletes who want to achieve high results in a short time. The fact of taking a steroid can be detected within 300 days after cancellation, so taking steroids, only you are responsible for it.


Turinabol Results
Every man takes steroids for a purpose. Almost everyone uses steroids to increase the content of androgens in the body. The Turinabol cycle gives quick and definite results. Let’s look at what exactly happens to our body while taking this drug:

Set (build) muscle in a short time, Turinabol solo cycle gives an average of 5 kg in 5 weeks;
Power indicators rise sharply;
The content of the hormone testosterone in the blood increases;
Reduces the risk of blood clots, ensuring the maintenance of the cardiovascular system in good shape.

In fact, the effects do not occur immediately after taking the pill, and have a delayed effect. First time taking the drug, you can feel the increase of the major figures mentioned above, the jump is not sharp, but sure. Experienced athletes often mix and consume Turinabol along with other steroids.


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