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Product Description

Suitable for Mature Skin . For Ages 40+


You only need 45 minutes to enjoy this exclusive Caviar Treatment. It offers your skin a boost of freshness. Experience relaxation, well-being and balance.

CAVIAR POWER by KLAPP is an innovative Anti-aging Line with the most modern High-Tech- Ingredients. An exclusive Caviar complex ad natural Bio-peptides activate cell metabolism and make the tired skin structure elastic and firm again.

Main Active Ingredients of the series:

  • DNA Marine
    . High-quality actives complex made of Roe
    . Supplies intensive moisturizer to deeper skin layers
    . Stimulates the skin’s own repair system
  • Hydrolyte
    . Stimulate the synthesis of Hyaluronic acid
    . Regenerates the hydro-lipid mantle
  • Vitamin A- Palmitate
    . Increases collagen production
    . Improves skin elasticity
    . Regenerates UV damaged skin
  • Macadamia nut oil
    . Rich in unsaturated fatty acids
    . Excellent skin nurturing properties
    . Soften the skin
  • Panthenol
    . Effective repair and protective action, anti-inflammatory, support healing
  • Sorbitol
    . Hexavalent sugar alcohol, very good for moisturizing

Caviar Power Fleece Mask

Dry oil an absolute new product, penetrating the skin quickly without leaving a fatty film. Like covered by an exquisite coat the skin caressed by a fresh, exclusive fragrance. A wellness-elixir, unfolding its effect the moment you apply it to the skin.


Retail Products

Caviar Power Tonic

Supplements the cleaning of the skin and intensifies the removal of dead skin cells. The mild facial tonic without alcohol visibly improves the pore size. It tones, clears and refreshes the skin.

Caviar Power Eye Care

Aids the skin in counteracting the sign of aging. The targeted application of natural bio-peptides and the ingredients of Caviar-Power leave the delicate eye area to look youthfully refreshed.

Caviar Power Eye Care Roll-On

Special care for the delicate eye area with cooling and anti-swelling effect with roll-on applicator. It help to reduce puffiness, dryness, anti-wrinkle and stimulates collagen production.

Caviar Power Serum

Support the activity of other products. Natural Bio-peptides and the power of Caviar constituents give the skin the important moisture boost and maximize the potential of the Day and Night care.

Caviar Power Night

Stimulates the cell metabolism overnight and supports the skin’s own repair mechanism.
Natural Bio-Peptides and Caviar-Power are meant to support the trampoline effect of an elastic skin.

Caviar Power Mask

Valuable Caviar-Extract balances moisture loss and activates repair processes. It stimulates the cells energy flow and ability to regenerate. A mask that gives new vitality and freshness.

Star product: Imperial Serum

Main Active Ingredients

  • Gatuline In-Tense
    To avoid the loss of skin firmness and appearance of deep wrinkles. This active ingredient stimulates the fibroblast biomechanical functions and helps to re-organize the dermis structure and visibly smooth the skin surface.
  • Juvinity
    Delays metabolic and nucleus ageing. It extends the life of a component of the skin DNA called telomeres. Which when depleted they cause sagging and deep wrinkles in the skin. So by supporting these it delays the visible effect of ageing.
  • Alistin
    Minimizes the breakdown of collagen fibres by protecting them from being brittle. Anti-glycation skin cells membrane repair after free radicals attacks.
  • Caviar Extract
    Anti-aging effect.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Regulates the moisture content of the skin.
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