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Product Description


A multi-vitamin cocktail – Ideal for women aged 50 and over

A multivitamin treatment packed full of powerful active ingredients to fight the signs of cutaneous ageing in mature skin types.
A real anti-ageing tightening and firming treatment, the exclusive stick massage targets wrinkles directly for a topical effect. Skin tissue is stimulated, revitalized and cellular exchanges renewed. Matured skin is rejuvenated by the benefits of these organic active ingredients of natural origin and particularly Ceveble – ceramides extracted from wheat.

Expecting Result after a treatment package:

  • Regenerated and rejuvenated the skin.
  • Reduction of lines
  • Moisture epidermis



Suitable for dry, dehydrate, premature aging skin

A treatment that able to slow down skin ageing by protecting the epidermis from sign of ageing. This facial give nourishes, moisturize and add minerals to the skin. It combines active ingredients to restructure the skin, target wrinkles and smooth the skin surface. Oligo Vital would suit demineralized, ‘sagging’ and premature ageing skins.





Retail Products

Serum Multi-vita

Anti-age Tensor Serum

This aquous anti-ageing serum is an instant firming treatment. It contains a cocktail of multivitamin and precious ingredients. It tightens the features for firmer and youthfully radiant skin.

Serum Anti-Rides

Anti-wrinkle Serum

This highly nutritional oily phytocomplex, rich in nourishing vegetable oils and regenerating essential oil, shows its full strength on wrinkle and slack skin. It reduces the number, surface area and length of wrinkles for smooth and visibly younger skin.

Creme Absoule

Firming Anti-wrinkle Cream

A genuine rejuvenation cream reduces wrinkles and firms the skin. It encourages cell renewal and improve the tones of skin tissues. Its delicious texture enables it to offer its many anti-ageing virtues to all mature skin types.

Fluide Contour

Anti-wrinkle Eye Fluid

Specially created for the delicate eye and lip areas, this anti-aging fluid smoothes and reduces wrinkles and fine lines for brighter eyes and a radiant smile.

Concentre Anti-Taches

Anti Brown Spots

Thanks to the PWE complex which slows down melanogenesis, Anti-taches targets dark spots and pigmentation to even the skin tone. Skin texture is refine and skin is visibly brighten.

Masque Nutri-Confort

Anti-ageing Mask

This cream mask with anti-ageing properties and a refreshing texture improves the appearance of devitalized skin. It immerses the skin in softness and tones it. Signs of tiredness disappear and the skin is rejuvenated. Its action is reinforced when combined with the Anti-Aging range.

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